Marathon Programme

From Thursday 21/3 between 17.00 – 21.00 and Friday 22/3 between 10.00 – 20.00, we will be welcoming the friends who will participate in the 1st Heraklion Tango Marathon, in the entrance of Ntoré Hall, on the 5th floor, Eleftherias Square (the biggest public square of Heraklion).

It is important to arrive early at Heraklion, so that you can participate in our walking guided tour around the venetian walls and the fortress of Koules. In case of rain, we will make the tour by bus.


Friday 22 March 2019

13.30 – 16.30 Walking Guided Tour around the walls of Heraklion and the big fortress of Koules. The biggest venetian wall construction of the Mediterranean. We will have the occasion to walk around the walls, admire the cityscape from above and learn Heraklion history from the Middle Ages until now.

21.00 – 06.00 Welcome Milonga at the Ntoré Hall (5th floor) – DJ Manolis Founargiotakis


Saturday 23 March 2019

15.00 – 19.00 Afternoon Milonga at the Ntoré Hall (5th floor) – DJ Nikos Proestakis

21.00 – 06.00 Grande Night Milonga at the Ntoré Hall (5th floor)

21.00 – 23.00 DJ Nikos Karvountzis

23.00 – 06.00 DJ Viki Damianou


Sunday 24 March 2019

13.00 We will meet at Eleftherias Square and take the bus to visit the vines and winery of Lyrarakis in Alagni, crossing the beautiful countryside around Heraklion and Archanes region, famous for its wines since decades. We will visit the winery where we can taste the wines (a glass of wine and a buffet with dried fruits and snacks of cretan cuisine are included in the price of the marathon).

14.30 – 18.20 Afternoon Milonga in Lyrarakis Winery, which will be transformed to let us dance easily – DJ Nikos Karvountzis

Return to Heraklion, to relax and prepare for the night milonga

21.00 – 06.00 Night Milonga at the Ntoré Hall (5th floor) – DJ Nikos Marketos

In all milongas, participants will have access to a buffet with drinks (wine, beer, fruit juice, refreshments, water etc.) as well as snacks, typical of cretan cuisine (dried fruits, fresh green salads, varied dips etc.). The price of the Marathon includes: the first glass of drink (wine, beer etc.) and all buffet’s snacks.