The DJs

Nikos Proestakis – Tango DJ Nikos (Rethymno)

He started dancing in 2004 at Latin rhythms until 2007 he switched to the Argentine Tango and never stopped since then. So far he studies, exercises and tries to interpret, and dance to music. He started the exploration of the Golden Age of Tango music very early, so today he has created a rich collection of original recordings. He plays music in Milongas and Practicas since 2013. He is the key DJ and co-organizer at the weekly Friday’s Milonga in the city of Rethymnon. He has taken part as a DJ at the International Tango Festival: A-Los-Amigos (Vol 5-6). His music is characterized by diversity in the rhythms and melodies of the Golden Age in connection with modern interpretations by today’s orchestras.

Manolis Founargiotakis Tango Dj (Heraklion)
He has studied thoroughly the history of Tango, its poetry, music and orchestras. Since a few years now, he works as a Tango Dj all around Creta in local milongas and international events. He has translated the verses of over 150 tango and has given lectures for the history of Tango music. He loves golden era tangos, as well as contemporary quality orchestras. His aim is to inspire people to dance with passion and to receive, as a reward, the smiling faces and overall satisfaction of the dancers, after each tanda.
  Nikolaos Kletsas  Tango DJ (Larissa)


DJ Tonia  Papadaki (Chania)

Nikolaos Kletsas has worked during 30 years as a computer  and electronics engineer. In 1970 started his relation with music, as music radioproducer in the town of Larissa. In 2010 he started studying the dance and the music of Argentinian tango and since the beginning he felt a real passion for it . He is Tdjing since 2016 in many events in Greece and in Serbia. He organized the International Festival “Nis Tango Encuentro” in Nis of Serbia in October of 2017. He is a passionate dancer. As  dj he  prefers the music of the Golden Age of Tango by the original recordings. He tries to create tandas in which the tracks have a connection  between them  in an harmonious secuence. His favorite composers are : Juan d Arienzo, Rodolfo Biagi, Carlos di Sarli, Osv. Pugliese,  Anibal Troilo etc. He has written the paper :”Tango Terms and Gentle Behaviour”.

Tonia Papadaki is a doctor and lives in Chánia but her heart belongs to tango. She started dancing on 2007 but she wanted more… So on 2010 she started TJing and learning more and more about tango music. Since then she has been invited to play in many milongas and festivals in Crete and in Athens too. Her choices in music are characterized by diversity of rhythms and melodies of the Golden Age but eventually, she also loves to pick up a few tandas from the modern orquestras too.

Giorgos Linardos Tango Dj (Heraklion)

He is dancing Tango since 1997. He has been to Buenos Aires several times, had lessons with Gustavo Naveira, Puppy Castelo, Julio Balmaceda,  Pablo Veron and others.

He is djing since 2003 in Greece (crete) and in Germany.

He is teaching since 2013.

He is focusing on musicality. He is organizing Tango holidays since 2013.