Tourism & Tango in Crete!

28th May - 3rd June 2020

Excursions, Milongas, Classe

Feel the Tango Passion!

The Event

Welcome to Bali for a week of Tourism & Tango in Crete. Enjoy a unique Tango exprience by the sea! - 7 Milongas in the picturesque village of Bali on the north coast of Crete. - 6 Tango classes by local greek teachers. -3 or 4 excursions to some of the most ineresting and nice parts of Crete. Enjoy the sea and the sun on the marvellous beaches of Bali. Stay in one of the hotels there or nearby. A simple idea for a great Tango and Vacation experience! We are a group of tango dancers, professionals and amateurs, with a big passion for Tango. We invite you to join us in our beloved island of Crete in Greece and choose through our program what seems to inspire you. -Package of 7 milongas in wellcomig and nice venue (named Golden Sun ) by the first beach of Bali village. Music will be played by the best and well experienced local djs. Duration : from 20.30 to 23.45' Price for the package of 7 milongas 40 euros. You pay for your drink in the bar, minimum price 4 euros. -Package of 6 classes (level intermediate) by the tango teachers Katerina Chatzidaki and Nikos Proestakis. Duration from 19.00 to 20.15' Price: 6 classes 40 euros. 1-2 classes 8 euros per class. 3-4 classes, 7,50 per class. 5 classes 7 euros per class. The event is organised by MILONGA PASIONAL. It will take place during 28 May - 3 June 2020 in Bali, Rethymnon, Crete ○ More info to be announced soon ...



The event Tourism and Tango in Crete is organised by Mrs Katerina Chatzidaki responible of the tango studio Circle of Dance - Milonga Pasional in Athens. Katerina Chatzidaki organises the biggest open air milonga in Athens : Milonga Pasional on the terrace of Polis art cafe, every Saturday night during the summer. She is mainly a well experienced tango teacher. She has worked in her studio giving classes and seminars since 2003. She has been taught by Argentinian teachers in Greece and Buenos Aires. She loves to transmit the spirit and technique of tango as it is experienced traditionally in Argentina.

Milonga Pasional

The Venue

Golden Sun Restaurant Cafe Bar located by the firts beach of the picturesque Bali village.

The Venue

The Venues

NTORÉ Hall | LYRARAKIS Winery All spaces will be appropriately transformed to host Heraklion Tango Marathon

Booking Options

You can register either as single dancer or in couple. We would like the event to be gender and role balanced. So, it is preferable to register, stating your partner's name. You can easily register by writing to: