Tourism & Tango in Crete!

16 to 18 of July 2021

Excursions, Milongas, Classes

Feel the Tango Passion!
Dear friends, tangueras and tangueros,  Greece will soon wellcome the first tourists. As Tango is concerned , our event Tourism and Tango in Crete will take place in the pictuiresque village of Bali, on the north coast of Crete and will last 3 days between the 16th and the 18th of July (unless pandemic restrictions do not allow it).
Due to the impredictability of the situation we all face, we decided to propose to you a very flexible program, wich will combine Tango and Tourism. 
Specifically REGISTRATION in COUPLES through mail would be required as soon as poosible to insure your participation in the event.

Additionally, final confirmation schould be required 2 weeks in advance of the day of the event.

We look forward of meeting you in Crete!!
Big Hug  ! 

The Event

Welcome to Bali for a weekend of Tourism & Tango in Crete. Enjoy a unique Tango exprience by the sea! - 3 Milongas in the picturesque village of Bali on the north coast of Crete. - 6 Tango classes by local greek teachers. Enjoy the sea and the sun on the marvellous beaches of Bali. Stay in one of the hotels there or nearby. A simple idea for a great Tango and Vacation experience! We are a group of tango dancers, professionals and amateurs, with a big passion for Tango. We invite you to join us in our beloved island of Crete in Greece and choose through our program what seems to inspire you. The classes and the milongas will take place in a wellcoming and nice venue named Golden Sun by the firts beach of Bali village. The cost of milongas: -Package of 3 milongas 15 euros. You may also pay the entrance on the spot, 5 euros cash, for each milonga. You pay for your drink in the bar, minimum price 4 euros. Duration of the milonga : from 20.30 to 23.45' Music will be played by the best and well experienced local djs. -Package of 6 classes (3 classes at beginner level and 3 classe at intermediate level) by the tango teachers Katerina Chatzidaki and Nikos Proestakis. Duration from 17.30 to 18.45 (beginners) and from 19.00 to 20.15(intermediate).' The cost of classes: 6 classes 40 euros. 1-2 classes 8 euros per class. 3-4 classes, 7,50 per class. 5 classes 7 euros per class. Payment for the classes will be in cash on the spot, upon your arrival on the venue. The event is organised by MILONGA PASIONAL. It will take place from 16 to 18 of July 2021 in Bali, Rethymnon, Crete For registrations please contact us by email to: Registration in COUPLES through mail, should be required, as soon as possible, to insure your participation in the event: Name, Surname, mail, FB, telefone number, (mentioning name and surname of your partner). Additionally final Confirmation schould be required 2 weeks in advance of the date of the event. We recommend to come in advance in Crete, to explore the archeological sites and the beauties of the island. Therefore Bali Travel Agency proposes to you variety of excursions available on the spot. Stay in one of the hotels in Bali or nearby. There are many studios and apartments to rent in Bali. You may search through various specialized sites in the internet. Organiser : Circle of Dance, Milonga Pasional, Katerina Chatzidaki, Heraklion Tango Marathon. email: tel : (030)2810289048/ (030)210 88 31 280/ (030)-69721768383 FB: Further details will be announced soon.



The event Tourism and Tango in Crete is organised by Katerina Chatzidaki responible of the tango studio Circle of Dance - Milonga Pasional in Athens. Katerina Chatzidaki organises the biggest open air milonga in Athens : Milonga Pasional on the terrace of Polis art cafe, every Saturday night during the summer. She is a well experienced tango teacher and dancer. She has worked in her studio giving classes and seminars since 2003. She has studied Argentinian tango with known maestros such as: Silvio Lavia, Julio Balmaceda, Jorge Firpo, Gustavo Naveira, Monica Parra, Orlando Scarpelli and others both in Greece and Buenos Aires. She loves to transmit the spirit and technique of tango as it is experienced traditionally in Argentina. She has organised numerous tango seminars and workshops all over Greece. Katerina organised the first Tango Marathon in Heraklion in March 2019.

Milonga Pasional

The Venue

Golden Sun

Golden Sun Restaurant Cafe Bar is located by the first beach (Livadi) of the picturesque Bali village. Our tango classes and milongas will take place at this venue. Please refer to the map for exact location.

A few  words about Bali village:

Bali is built on the ancient town of Astali,  or Atali. The name of Bali comes from the Turkish language and  means honey, probably because of the existence of many bees in the area, or from the word ballik which means fish.

Bali is a famous summer resort with many traditional  restaurants, shops , bars,  schools for swimming and plugging, as well as a medical center and a pharmacy .  

There is  frequent communication by bus with Heraklion and Rethymnon.

From the port of Bali start  cruises by little  boats, sailing along the beautiful coast  of caves and rocks .

                                                                                             The picturesque village of Bali.

                                                                  The biggest city of Crete, Heraklion.